June 5, 2022

The Wheel Of Feels

Gabrielle Union Brings It

The actor and entrepreneur opens up about mommying now, date nights with Dwyane Wade, and her new baby skincare line, Proudly.

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My brother and SIL said the were fine with only having my nephew. Boom a few weeks later she’s pregnant after a month off the the pill. Meanwhile I’m on month 4 of TTC.

Confessional #97236

DH is a good, solid person, partner and parent. But I settled for a safe life. I wonder if he did too

Confessional #62382

A friend’s 5 year old boy called me fat. Im 5’8” and a size 10/12. Where do they learn body shaming so young? And why do I immediately want to stop eating?!

Confessional #92374

I know we're not the only ones in the neighborhood, but I am so pissed H hasn't taken down our Christmas lights.

Confessional #258711

I miss having passion in my life.

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What Mommy Wants

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Dad Surrenders AR-15 To Police After Uvalde School Shooting

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Dogs Arrive In Uvalde To Provide Comfort In A Time Of Grief

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Biden Pleads For U.S. To 'Protect Children' In Speech On Gun Control

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Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine While Pregnant Helps Protect Your Baby

A new study out of Norway has found that getting vaccinated while pregnant lends at least four months of virus protection to new babies.

Awaiting Approval
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COVID-19 Vaccines For Kids Under 5 Could Be Ready By June 21

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Mandy Moore Is Pregnant

Actor and singer Mandy Moore announced on Instagram on Friday that she and husband Taylor Goldsmith are expecting a second baby this fall.

Congrats, Grads!
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Gwyneth Paltrow And Kate Hudson Celebrate Kids' High School Graduations

Apple Martin and Ryder Robinson are, officially, all grown up.

Uh Oh
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That Viral Avocado Freshness Hack All Over TikTok Could Give You Salmonella

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Expert Advice
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What The Heck Is Disney Rash? Everything To Know Before Hitting The Parks

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