June 9, 2022

Baby Names

The Name Game

Meet "Frankie"
ByLeigh Blickley

Kathie Lee Gifford Is A Grandma! And Her Grandson Is Named After Her Late Husband

Kathie Lee's son Cody welcomed baby boy Frank "Frankie" Michael Gifford on Tuesday.

Baby Names
ByCandace Nagy

25 Brilliant Names That Mean Gold For Your Little Ray Of Sunshine

Because baby will bring so much richness to your world.

Try 'Em Out
ByKelly Schremph

50+ Cute, Creative, & Cool Nicknames For Emily

The only trouble now? Picking just one.

Oh, So Lovely!
ByBrianne Hogan

45 Aesthetic Girl Names That Sound Artsy, Interesting, & Oh-So-Pretty

Dibs on Bijou!

names with depth
ByDeirdre Kaye

Keep The Faith With These 25+ Baby Names That Mean Hope

We believe you’ll find the perfect name.

Tranquil Vibes
ByBrianne Hogan

Bring On The Serenity With These 27 Baby Names That Mean Peace

Feeling calmer already.

From Aidan to Zayden
BySarah Aswell

The Top Baby Names Of 2021 Are Here

The official Social Security Administration’s list includes the winners, the losers, and the Aidans.

ByBrianne Hogan

41 Cool & Cultured Aesthetic Baby Boy Names

You’ll fall hard for these artful options.

Naming Inspo
ByDeirdre Kaye

25 Brilliant Brazilian Boy Names To Reflect Your Son’s Heritage

From Antônio to Salvador, these names are full of character.

is that Vintage?
ByBrianne Hogan

These Baby Names Inspired By The 1920s Are The Bees Knees

Give your baby something cute yet classic

ByHedy Phillips

41+ Bridgerton-Inspired Baby Names That Will Be The Talk Of The Ton

These names are all Lady Whistledown approved.

ByBrianne Hogan

These Powerful Names That Mean Storm Will Help Your Baby Weather Anything

For your little force of nature.

Full Of 'Vida'
ByDeirdre Kaye

20+ Beautiful Brazilian Girl Names For Your Bright, Bold Daughter

These names were made for vibrant baby girls.

Conjure This
ByDeirdre Kaye

26 Magic Baby Names For Your Bundle Of Wonder

Need a spellbinding moniker? Look no further.

ByDeirdre Kaye

20+ Names That Mean Kind For The Compassionate Kid You Want To Raise

Kindness matters.

Sweet dreams
ByBrianne Hogan

These Enchanting Baby Names That Mean Dream Will Have Your Head In The Clouds

These monikers are absolutely dreamy.

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